Enterprise Modelling and Performance Optimisation (EU-FP6)

The Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) – the EU’s instrument for funding research – attaches great importance to SMEs. The main objective of FP6 is to contribute to the creation of the European Research Area (ERA) by improving integration and co-ordination of research in Europe. FP6 research is targeted at strengthening the competitiveness of the European economy, solving major societal questions and supporting the formulation and implementation of other EU policies.

The competitive imperative
Competitive advantage and sustainability for European manufacturers require that they compete simultaneously in many domains. Traditionally a manufacturer would be competitive if they produced a product that met the quality, cost and delivery requirements of the market. Today, competition is multi-faceted; manufacturers require data from a range of sources and stakeholders. Success requires managing and optimising resources collectively at an enterprise level.

Meeting the needs of SMEs
This project will develop and implement a software tool (EMPOSME) to assist decision makers make multi-faceted decisions in the manufacturing supply-chain. It will enable them to plan and deploy multiple enterprise resources (eg material, machines, people), so that in combination, they optimise the performance of their enterprise against a set of strategic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These operational KPIs are aligned to their strategic goals.
This project focuses on small to medium sized firms (SMEs) that operate on an Engineer to Order (ETO) or Make to Order (MTO) basis, i.e. they manufacture products which are produced to customer demand and often require customisation. The product life cycle is complex and production processes need to be flexible. 

EMPOSME is an enabling technology to:

  • Increase speed and flexibility,
  • Reduce costs, and thus
  • Increase competitiveness.

Science and Technology

EMPOSME will integrate and advance the state of the art, as well as the practice, in scientific technologies, individually and collectively, in the fields of:

  • Enterprise Performance Management,
  • Enterprise Visual Modeling, and
  • Enterprise Optimisation.

EMPOSME will comprise of:

  • An Enterprise Modeler which will enable the practitioner to describe their organistion in a visual and intuitive manner.
  • Enterprise Optimiser Software, supported by a Web Service for model execution, to generate near optimal solutions to the user specified set of performance metrics.
  • An Enterprise Performance Manager to enable the practitioner to Evaluate, Diagnose and Improve Performance outcomes.

Funded by EC Framework 6 (FP6)

Horizontal Activities involving SMEs
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