Teaching Quality

Winning of the Excellence in Teaching award in 2001

In December 2001 I was awarded the Excellence in Teaching award (Jointly with Prof. John O’Donoghue) at the University of Limerick. This award recognises my ability to deliver an effective learning experience to students. It should be noted that the winners of the Teaching Award are not considered for the award for a term of five years subsequently.

Student Learning Evaluation Forms

Each year since I commenced lecturing for every module, I have asked the class in each module to fill out the student evaluation form that had been developed by Liam Henessey in the MOE Dept. When the Centre for Teaching and Learning was established I also requested an independent evaluation of my teaching methods. This process has been very helpful for me to discuss new learning strategies and devise methods of better exploiting new technologies within a learning context.
One key issue to consider in the use of evaluation forms is the timing when they are deployed. I believe that one should complete the Student Learning Evaluation form a number of times throughout the semester since it enables the lecturer to remedy any issues with the module for the current cohort of students. The most common method is to complete the forms and the end of the semester means that it is the students of the next cohort will benefit from the recommendations of the current students rather than the student themselves.


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